Sunday, July 8, 2007

Blowing Smoke 2007

If you get a chance, you should try to make it out to Blowing Smoke. I had the opportunity to go to this last year with my motion graphics class and it was a great time. Blowing Smoke sets a stage for local animation and motion graphics professionals to display their work. Last year, it was almost reminiscent of an indie rock show. The slightly unprepared "MC" announced each animation studio, who then in turn takes the stage and says a few words about the work before launching into the animations. Last years crowd was jovial, laughing at the funny spots and cheering at the end of each "set", uh.....demo reel. Perhaps this was partly due the event being held the Five Spot, a local bar that is home to a very eclectic mix art work. One of the highlights from oh-six was getting to see the first episode of a cartoon network show before it aired on TV. In any case, you know what I'll be doing on July 23rd.

Adobe/Maxon's Power Integration Tour 7.17.07

Maxon, the makers of Cinema 4D are hosting an event with Adobe to push and demo Maxon's R10 & Adobe's After Effects CS3 collectively. Here are their selling points:

Adobe Highlights:
• See the new Features of CS3 in action
• Get a glimpse of the Production Suite back on the Mac
• Discover the capabilities of 3D integration
MAXON Highlights:
• Learn how to incorporate 3D into your 2D workflow
• See the fastest, easiest 3D solution for motion graphics
• Witness how easy it is to integrate into any pipeline

I personally will be showing up to see if I can learn anything about how to more effectively use these two programs together, as they are my main tools for making things move. They will also be giving away a copy of the newest version of C4D, which I desperately need. Although the Maxon/Adobe site only list one time for this event, they are actually doing this twice.

The Official Event is @
The Plaza Theatre
1049 Ponce de Leon Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30306
from 1pm-5pm

*Maxon/Adobe will be holding a special evening session for The Atlanta Motion Graphics Group (AMGG) on the same night. They will also be giving away a copy C4D, just sayin'.

Special Evening Session is @
Lab 601
621 North Ave. Ne Suite A-100
Atlanta, Ga 30308
from 6:30-9:00pm

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