Monday, July 9, 2007

Surreal Award Opens

Version 2's crazy surreal show open for the AICP
kind of took me by surprise. The piece is gorgeous and so full of detail that I wish I had a copy of it at full rez. The vintage style/color palette seems really attractive to me amidst the waves of CMYK & RGB palettes we are constantly being barraged with on screen. In a few sections of the open, elements go outside of the expected viewing area to reveal faux letterboxing. A neat trick, that helps to wow the eyes a little and give the piece more depth. This piece also features some amazing sound design that really helps to push the surreal angle of the animation.

It seems that I can't get enough Kim Dulaney this week. She designed this with Jon Saunders
for Stardust, it was animated by Emmett Dzieza. This is the show open for the First Boards Award.

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